Internet Resources

The following links are just a collection of links. Some are useful, others I visited and enjoyed.

The Ultimate Steal - - do a search for Ultimate Steal Microsoft if this site is not available. Microsoft sometimes offers prices on Microsoft Office and Windows for students at lower prices than found on regular education websites.

Techhead - - This website allows Alaska Pacific University students and staff to  purchase certain software titles for very low prices. This is available  through our membership in this Oregon Educational Technology Consortium website for individual purchases

JourneyED, Gradware, and Academic Superstore are companyies offering Educational Pricing on software.  A lot of companies also offer educational pricing, so check before you buy software. In some cases you can buy software for a fraction of the regular price.

Digital Photography Review - a great website for information and reviews on products  Digital photography, software, and equipment.

International Society for Technology in Education - This international organization of Educational Technology Professionals offers resources for teachers. There are also standards projects (National Educational Technology Standards) for students, all teachers, and for Technology teachers. The site is updated with new information regularly and offers professional membership for interested "Technologists."

Kids Space Center - Telescopes and Astronomy - This website with information about Telescopes and Astronomy for kids was recommended by a student (Cori L.) from the Goodwin Community Teen Center in Pennsylnania.

Jeremy West and Christopher Monk Instruments - Christopher Monk Instruments makes replicas of some old instruments including the Cornetto. I bought one a few years ago from them and if anyone is interested, I recommend them highly as honest and resonably priced.

The Library of Congress - Online resources from the largest library in the world.  Over $100 million has been allocated toward the digital library resources of The Library of Congress since the late 1990's.

CNET - A website where you can find reviews of computers, printers, digital cameras, computer components, software, and other technology products. There are also software downloads and newsletters available. A great site to visit when you are considering a product for purchase.

Evaluating Web Pages  - Is it a good website with accurate information? This website gives you tips on decing if the website is a good source with good information.

Alaska Apple Users Group - The web site for the local Apple User Group that meets each month in Anchorage.  Check the web site for more information on membership, meetings, and location.

MacFixIt -  This site (now owned by CNET) offers help with many Macintosh problems. 

Astronomy for Kids - This site is for kids and "Supervised Adults." It has maps, information, and definitions about astronomy and links to useful astronomy resources.

New York Times - New York Times newspaper on the web!  It is updated when news comes out, so you can often view breaking news before the next newspaper goes to print.

Yup'ik Masks - Agayuliyararput is a site with 27 Yup'ik objects. They claim that it is presented from a Yup'ik perspective.

WorldStart - This is a great site offering newsletters online that you can subscribe and receive as often as daily.  Examples are computer tips daily,  Tech Tips, and others. LIke everyone else, they do offer to sell you items, but you get the information and tips for free. Sometimes subscribing or getting off Internet newsletters and be difficult, but this site makes this very easy.

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