Important before beginning your site

When you create a website, all "pieces" have to be published. Unlike some other documents, pictures, movies, and other parts are still separate.

Place any graphics, background graphics, etc that you use in your website into the folder before you insert them into any web page. 

All files used in your website will need to sent to your website host in order to be seen on the Internet.  They also need to be in the same relative location. That's why creating a website folder before beginning work will help make this happen.

  • Create a new folder (see picture below)

  • Move any picture, sound, movie, or other other item into the folder.

  • Save all web pages you create into this folder.

  • Keep your file names short with

    • with no spaces in file names

    • only lowercase letters in file names

    • no special characters in file names

  • Resizing your graphic files will keep your website small and loading fast.

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